Notice Some Real #MeToo Problems in
The Dawgman Show?,...Me Too. Was Our Music Unfair To Women?

~ The whole James Bond fantasy, with women as accessories.
~ The Beatles "Run For Your Life" song (borders on assault - Is this guy "gaslighting" his "love"?)
~ "Take a Letter Maria" (workplace sex coercion)
~ Raiders' "Let Me" is good dance music, but also a creepy approach.
,...and there are a few more, in what?,...a 3 hour show?

I did NOT pick these on purpose.  I swear, they came at random, which points to a casual "Playboy" attitude of women's access (or lack of) in work, adventure, movies,...about everywhere. Even as the glib DJ cut-up, my attitude would have most likely been, "Don't sweat it."

The music is fun.  I hope it got you up and moving your butt, but Un-Equal is Un-Equal.  Music culture normalizes the good,...and the bad.

Men and women should realize how culture tries to bend us, and it is our individual responsibility to keep its bad influences out.


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